World premiere on October 9, 2011 at  Cyprus International Film Festival

Showcase on October 19th – 22nd 2011 at Lucerne International Film Festival

A bored woman “falling” in love with a Man in White.

What does the word “fall” means?

We can fall asleep, fall to pieces and even fall…in love.

This short movie is all about a fall indeed. A fall prior to re-birth.

A short-movie produced, written and directed by Davide Sada


Violaine Weissmann as Orissa

Enrico Ballardini as the gardener

Executive Producer: Ilaria Dozio

Cinematographed by Omar Cristalli

Edited by Davide Sada and Ilaria Dozio

Casting by Sarah Banfi and Maurizio Fusco

Assistant Camera&Gaffer: Melea Bianchini

Boom operator: Tommaso Ceschi

Catering by Osteria da Mamma Angela, Milano

Sound design: Davide Sada

Sound recorded at “Nutria Studio” – Trezzano S/N (Milano)

Additional sound effects by Stefano Clessi

Make up artist and stylist: Ilaria Dozio

Music by Carver

© Davide Sada Films 2011

Running time: approx. 8 min.

Fegatelli Pictures


“The whole soundtrack and sound-design is made using only real wine glasses as instruments”

The glass is a crucial element in the short and so when we wrote the script we gave us this challenge: all the soundtrack has to be recorded using only glasses as instruments.

And that is what happened. All the soundfx, noises and harmonies (except the final song) are totally made using different wine and cognac glasses.

I personally composed, played, mixed and post-produced all the sounds except some rythmic patterns made by Stefano Clessi, the owner of the “Eclectic-Lab” studio in Milan, Italy.

Only after doing that I realized that the name of the band where I used to play was InVitro (which means “in the glass” in latin).


“Hello neighbour!”

Orissa was shooted in my house in Milan.

We shooted the subjective of the “fall” using a Kodak Playsport cheap camera one month after the two days of shooting.
We decided we needed that scene to make the film more clear.

So we built a very hand made protection tool for the camera pasting it to an Ikea napkins holder with lots of sponges around. We surrouneded everything with lots of adhesive tape and we connect the “thing” to a strong fishing rod.

We started to shoot and after some takes the new neighbour (who was entering the house that day) appeared on the balcony, I was holding the fishing rod, I crossed his eyes (he was an old person) and I say hello (with a nervous smile). He was so scared, he re-entered the appartment without say anything.

The neighbour is still not talking to us.